Ulric François

Through his camera, Ulric François tells your story ... capture emotions, smiles and memories because "a picture is worth more than a thousand words".

Each wedding story is very special, which is why you have to tell a different story, but just as professional and beautiful. Ulric François and his team put themselves at the service of the newlyweds to transform intense emotions and important moments in a beautiful memory that would have a unique value over the years.

For 6 years, Ulric François and his team on several weddings in Mauritius. The experience, the understanding of the couple's history, as well as the knowledge of the beautiful places, allowing them to prepare the wedding photo shoot, so as to meet the expectations of the most ambitious of the newlyweds.

For him, photography means to paint a unique picture. It's the story that counts the most: people, emotions, true stories, real moments ...

Ulric François has assembled a great team of young photographers and videographers who have unveiled their values and who are truly authentic. They understand how incredible an experience and responsibility it is to share with couples. That's why they are dedicated to more than 100%.

Ulric François Photography: a passion, a life

I am Ulric François and I am 23 years old. Photography has always been a passion for me. My first experience as a wedding photographer was in 2013 during an Indian wedding. I then started my photography business in the same year. I have extensive experience and expertise in the field of event photography. I provide quality timeless proofs and customized packages, tailored to your budget. My main goal is to have close relationships with my clients and to remain discreet. As a photographer, I am dedicated, flexible and a proactive stylist to assume any task to buy the best memories of your big day.

Stephane Antoine


Founder & Creative Director @ Backlight.mu

Stephane is the best in the business. His award winning wedding movies are simply amazing. He travelled to USA, OZ, SA , Sri Lanka and so many places to capture those lasting memories. Together with his team, he will help create lovely memories which will capture all  Details of Your Special Day in one short but romantic  movie.

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